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  • A personal account of Migration

    This morning, Year Six were visited by Mrs Bachar-Smith who came to share her family stories about migration. She began by telling us about her dad’s side of the family, who originally came from Spain in the 1400s, which was a huge empire Read more...
  • Migration 2018

    What is migration? Who and what migrates? When did it begin? Did you know that in 1996, the Commission for Racial Equality stated, "Everyone who lives in Britain is an immigrant or a descendent of an immigrant". Read more...

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! It hardly seems possible that The Vine School is now in its 13th year; it only seems like a blink of an eye since the first piece of turf was cut in 2005 when there were no roads, no services and no houses in Upper Cambourne! Read more...
  • Year 1 Busy Autumn Term

    This half term in Year 1 the children have been learning about different ‘Festivals of Light’ including Diwali, Hanukah and of course Christmas. They really enjoyed making their clay divas for Diwali and decorated them beautifully. It was also lovely to have a parent come in to tell us about Hanukah. Read more...
  • Year 2 Christmas Performance 2017

    In the second half of the autumn term Year 2’s English focus was recounts. We explored newspaper articles and wrote, as eyewitnesses, about how the Great Fire of London started. We stepped into the shoes of Samuel Pepys and wrote a diary entry about our day. Now we have written an article about our Christmas Performance “Magical Christmas Journey”. Read more...
  • Year 5 - Algorithms and Debugging

    Year 5 have been learning about the basic concepts of programming without even touching a computer! They learnt about algorithms and how they are used in computer programs. An algorithm is a set of instructions a computer uses to achieve a task such as typing text, drawing an image or moving a character across the screen. To find out why algorithms have to be written clearly and precisely, Year 5 tried to program a robot to make a jam sandwich. Read more...
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What a day this has been....thank you all. Debbie x

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We're onto our last activities at Hilltop, then we'll be on our way home after lunch with lots of very muddy clothes!

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