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On Monday 19th January, The Vine played home against Caldecote in a league game. The Vine kicked off, and started passing and moving into space. Joel, the keeper, stopped 2 shots both on target in a couple of minutes. Caldecote had a great effort on goal but fortunately punched it away for a corner. They took the cross but it got cleared by Brandon.

The Vine charged at the opposition’s goal. Harry D took a cracking shot in the corner of the box, unfortunately it smashed into the crossbar. The whistle went to end a brilliant first half.

Both teams had a team talk before the start of the second half. They attacked towards our goal. Thankfully Barnaby stopped their attack within an instant. The ball was played into the feet of Harry D who took a shot on target but it was parried by the keeper right to Jamil’s feet, he took a shot which gave us the lead. GAME ON! Caldecote started passing the ball around nicely, but our defence stood firm and didn’t let them past. Harry K made an amazing pacey run down the wing but unfortunately he got stopped by the left back. We attacked and Harry D had another shot and the keeper made an amazing diving save for the keeper because the defence weren’t ready it went right to Archie’s feet he then took the shoot and scored a lucky goal. Caldecote created a good chance but Joel had another save. The game ended 2-0 to The Vine.

On Tuesday 13th January Hardwick hosted a game for The Vine. The Vine won 3-1. Connor, Harry D and Archie all scored. Hardwick kicked off to start the game. Our supporters were cheering us on in the cold weather. We had the game in our hands. We were passing the ball around, we also stretched their defence with Connor and Jamil on the wings. We created lots of chances. Finally we took the lead when Connor scored a goal charging into the corner of the box, the ball was placed carefully into the bottom corner of the net. Jamil took a shot from outside the box, the ball went flying into the top corner but their keeper made an amazing save punching the ball away for a corner. Our next goal came in the second half, Harry D ran through their team, passed to Archie who placed it down the middle of the net. After that we created another chance where Harry D scored by running through their team again. Within minutes to the final whistle, Hardwick scored by volleying it past Joel who didn’t stand a chance.

Joel, Brandon and Harry K

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