Year 2 SATs




End of Key Stage One Assessments for 2018

At the end of Key Stage One, teachers will use their professional judgement drawn from a range of sources (observations, learning in books, pupils discussions etc as well as tests) to assess if pupils are working at one of the following performance descriptors for Reading, Writing and Mathematics:

  • Working AT the expected standard
  • Working TOWARDS the expected standard
  • Working at GREATER DEPTH within the expected standard

Teachers will use the statements in the Interim teacher assessment framework 2017/2018 to assess the standard each pupil is working at. It is important to note that this is a coverage and mastery curriculum, so pupils must meet all of the statements to be assessed at a particular standard.

For science, teachers will use the Interim teacher assessment framework 2017/2018 to assess if a pupil is working:

Working at the expected standard

Not working at the expected standard

Teacher Assessment is still the main source of evidence at Key Stage One. Teacher assessment in Mathematics and Reading will be informed by externally set, internally marked tests. Pupils will take the tests in May.

Writing will also be teacher assessed, and teachers’ judgements will be informed by an externally set test in grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS).

Pupils will take the following tests:

For Maths

1. an arithmetic paper

2. a mathematical reasoning and problem solving paper.

For Reading

1. an integrated reading and answer booklet test

2. a separate reading booklet and answer booklet test

For Writing

1. a spelling paper

2. a question paper focusing on grammar and punctuation skills



All research shows that pupils whose parents and carers show an interest in their learning make the most progress.

For Year 2

Keep reading together and talking about what you have read. Bug Club has lots of examples of the sort of questions to ask.  Also, keep practising times tables facts — singing times table songs and playing board games with two dice are fun ways to do this.


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BBC KS2 Bitesizefooter_blocks_white

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