Greek Day 2017 at The Vine

Written by  on Tuesday, 18 July 2017.

On Wednesday 12th July the Year 5 children at the Vine School experienced the lives of the Ancient Greeks as part of their history learning. Dressed in traditional costume, the children spent the day in the agora of the Greek city state of Athens.

There were different market stalls and shops to visit, such as a tile decorating workshop, a place to make medallions and the scribe’s office to write messages to friends. They also suffered horrible ailments which prompted a swift visit to the herbalist’s to buy a cure. If they weren’t ill they could make a lucky charm to ward off illness and disease. After the bustle of the marketplace the children could visit the taverna to rest, sip wine, catch up with the gossip and play an Ancient Greek board game called petteia.

It was the responsibility of each Athenian to prevent invasion by their mortal enemies, the Spartans and so they had to take part in military training by practicing their archery. They also had to keep their eyes and ears open for spies. Fortunately, three were caught during the day and condemned to slavery.

In the afternoon the children attended the teatra to eat a feast of houmous, pitta bread, olives, feta cheese and more wine served by the slaves. While they ate they were entertained by the performance of the poem ‘The Twelve Tasks of Hercules’, the play ‘Odysseus and the Cyclops’, and several musical interludes.

What a fantastic day!

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