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Written by  on Wednesday, 07 December 2016.

Let us step back in time with our Year 5s to the 1940s… Britain and the Commonwealth are at war. Our Year 5 evacuee children from London have found their teachers very strict during their Arithmetic, Elocution, Latin and Geography lessons. They have also been taught how to prepare for an air raid, spot RAF and Luftwaffe planes and practise first aid on their classmates. Amethyst and Tanzanite classes have described their school day at The Vine School in their own words. Here are a few of their comments:

What happened?

“First we came to school in our evacuee costumes… I was really excited! I was interested in what the others were wearing. We had to wait behind our chairs in silence until we were told to sit down We wrote our evacuee labels and it felt weird writing I was born in 1931.”

“Some children got beaten for having their shirts untucked… If you do something very naughty you get hit by the cane 3 times.”

“The table in front of me was hit which made me jump. In English I had to do lines because I wrote with my left hand. In those days you had to write with the right hand.”

 “I had to wear the dunce hat – which was the best part- and had to write lines on the blackboard.”

“Our second lesson was elocution which means how to speak properly. We sounded awful. We were learning tongue twisters and the teacher (who was really strict) made us make some up. Betty Butter bought some butter but the butter was bitter.”

“After break there was a message on the board that said “teecher smells.” Everyone realised it wasn’t spelt right. Everyone had to put their hands on the table so the mean teachers could see if they had chalk on their hands.”

“We practised our air raid drill, which we went under the table for. We all put our gas masks on.”

“We had to identify different planes from the silhouette… The plane spotting was great because we had to identify the planes as fast as we could. Lots of people mistook the RAF planes for the Luftwaffe especially the Mosquito.”

“After that we did first aid because children needed to know how to help people in the war… I put a bandage around Ella’s head. She kept MOVING!”

“At the end of the day, World War II was over and it was called VE (Victory in Europe) day. We had a massive party… We had carrot cake, cream soda, dandelion and burdock and cloudy lemonade. It was delicious.”


What did I learn?

“In the 40s school was a bit like torture… teachers were very strict and mean and didn’t even care about the children.”

 “In World War II the consequences are much more severe than modern day ones. I would very much prefer to have school now rather than back then! I would have hated to have been in that time. We were insulted and it was bad.”

“You have to be very serious and you can’t do anything silly and you learnt everything in 20 minutes. My favourite part of the day would have been the morning because you actually know how hard it was in World War II.”

“When we did Latin we learnt so many different words. It was awesome.”

“My favourite part was VE day when we celebrated because the war was over and we had lovely cupcakes and drinks. The celebration at the end… was exciting and ended happily.”

“We were all sad that the day was over. That was so much fun. I would love to have another day like that.”




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