Year 5 - Emotive Narrative Poetry Featured

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Long before there were printed books, people would tell stories through narrative poems, using rhythm, rhyme, repetition and vivid language to make their tales easy to remember and share.

The children of Year 5 have written narrative poetry which means “story poems” as it is the perfect poetic form to tell a vivid Viking story of a longboat journey. They each wrote their own poems remembering to use captivating vocabulary and literary devices such as hyperboles, similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration.

If you want to find out what happens in our collaborative Year 5 Viking poem with its compelling dramatic description, detailing emotionally intense events of the watery journey, read on...

Dawn broke as we sailed along the tranquil fjord, through the stillness of the morning,

The water glistened before us and the gentle wind whistled like a singing bird,

Silvery waterfalls cascaded from the mountain peaks,

We came to the open sea, the ship skimming the top of the breezy sea.


In the distance, a storm slowly approached like a shadow,

The waves became higher and hungrier,

We sailed on towards the storm, the ship’s fierce prow screaming,

The horizon raven black and the sky lead grey.


Thunder rumbled like an angry ogre, a devil roaming the skies,

And soon the sea came surging and rolling toward us,

Molten iron waves clutched at the ship with its watery claws,

Its spray was pure white like a viper’s venom.


The clouds blazed with lightning, ferociously spitting daggers of fire,

Hot lightning whipping the ship, fire striking the shivering sail,

The shrouds strained and the never ending curtain of rain flooded the deck,

The ship was tossed, pitching and plunging and rolling from side to side.


The mast plummeted to the deck, staves snapped and splintered,

Waves reared up and smashed the deck,

Vikings trying to hold on were swept away,

The ship shuddered as the ocean pounded its sides.


Waves like mountains crashed aboard,

The hungry storm swallowing the ship whole,

And falling into the abyss of the deep cobalt ocean,

Gold scattering and sinking into the savage sea.

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