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Written by  on Wednesday, 08 February 2017.

Our History focus during the Spring term has begun with exploring the Viking Age. One of the interesting questions that Year 5 asked themselves during their learning was:

"Did the Vikings really wear horned helmets?"

Despite years of searching, archaeologists have yet to discover horned Viking headgear. Only one Viking helmet was unearthed over 70 years ago in Norway. In fact, it was a 10th century one with rounded iron cap, a guard for eyes and nose yet no horns festooning it. Horned Viking helmets are clearly a myth. A misconception even if they look cool.

Amongst the seemingly endless fascinating facts and truths about the Viking Age, Amethyst and Tanzanite classes have been learning about the Viking way of life; their customs, origins, diet, clothing and the runic written alphabet known as the futhark.

The children have designed colourful warrior shields and created celebratory feasting menus including mead and the favourite Viking culinary delight, urinated puffin (Yes, you did read this correctly. The Vikings found this very yum!). A Year 5 afternoon of runic writing produced messages that any self-respecting Viking would have been proud to have inscripted on a sword, giant rune stone or magical charm. 


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