Year 4 –Super Salsa!

Written by  on Wednesday, 01 March 2017.

This term in Year 4 we have been learning to choreograph a Salsa dance. We have also practiced our swagger, slide and our skipping whilst clicking to the beat of the music. We have also thought about different shapes we can make using our bodies eg a K, an X or a dash!

When performing these shapes, we have held them and thought about how this stillness adds a different dynamic to our dance.

Our dance is linked to our Fairtrade topic, (South America being our focus continent) as we have incorporated some basic salsa moves. The basic salsa step, the side step and the basic turn. This has meant that we have had to work closely with different partners. We have had to keep in time with the music and our partners as well as perform independently, in pairs and as a whole class.

We would like to improve our ‘armography’, thinking about our use of space and also how we move from one section of our dance to the next with a smooth transition. During our most recent dance lesson, we added some final touches and a splendid end section with a freeze-frame finish!

Finally, in our Art lessons we are making our own press prints and printing onto material to make our very own sashes, scarves and head bands. Each print has been inspired by South American patterns we researched. We can’t wait to perform our dance wearing our fabulous new accessories!

If you’d like to learn how to salsa follow this link to get started:     

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