Coral and Ruby go to Morrisons

Written by  on Monday, 13 February 2017.

During the week of the 23rd January, FS2 were learning all about money. We learnt the value of each coin and what it looked like. We talked about different ways to make the same amount using different coins. We also talked about what we could buy with each coin. We asked the children if they would like to go to Morrisons to use some coins to choose and buy their own snack.

On Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st January Coral and Ruby classes walked to Morrisons. We had written our shopping lists for the snack which we wanted to buy during our writing lesson the week before which we took with us. We took a 20p coin each to buy our snack. When we got to Morrisons we used our shopping lists to remind us what we needed to buy. We walked around the fruit and vegetable section and chose a snack each. We were able to use the checkout and pay for our snacks with some help from Tracy who worked there. She let us go behind the till and we took it in turns to weigh our snacks and to press the button for the fruit we chose. We then carried our snack as we walked back to school. When we arrived we sat in our classrooms and ate our snacks. Yum! We talked about which snack we had chosen and the differences between them.

We felt very tired after all of the walking we had done.

We asked the children what they enjoyed about our visit and these were their replies:                             

“I liked buying my apple”- Keira

“I liked choosing my fruit”- Rafaela

“I liked walking there because we saw people on the way and could walk with our friends”-Taylor and Frankie

“I liked seeing the flowers in the shop”-Maria

“I had fun walking because I could talk to my friends”-Olivia

“My favourite part was buying my fruit!”-Cassius

“I chose a really big pear because it is my favourite fruit. So is a pineapple but I couldn’t buy a pineapple because it was too big!” –Henry

“I bought a green apple because they are not sweet like the red ones.”- Mark

“I liked walking because it was cold and windy and I love that weather”-Tyler

“I liked pressing the buttons”- Blossom

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