Hilltop 2017 Day One

Written by  on Wednesday, 13 December 2017.

We arrived to crisp blue skies and a friendly welcome from the Hilltop staff. After a quick tour of the site and eating our packed lunches, we were straight into our first activities.

The rain held off until the tail end of the afternoon and fortunately had stopped by the evening so we could go outside, with our torches, for a game of Owls and Mice. We’re now settling down for a good night’s sleep so we’re ready for more challenges tomorrow.

Kim: At the assault course, when we were underground, we communicated to each other to get through the tight spaces and we encouraged each other. 

Georgia: I thoroughly enjoyed the agility course because my peers helped me when I felt like I couldn’t do something.

Ruby: I enjoyed the vertical challenge because at first I was really scared to go to the top but I was encouraged and managed to do it.

Charlie L: I loved the treetop trail because it was a challenge for me and it involved a lot of team work.

Ruben: I have really enjoyed the treetop trail because it has helped me to overcome my fear of heights which has made me more confident.

Amelia: I extremely enjoyed the assault course because even though it was really muddy and wet it felt like even more of an adventure.

Harry P: I feel a lot more confident with heights now because I managed to get to the top of all my challenges, which I didn’t expect

Scarlett: My personal favourite was Owls and Mice because it requires a lot of thought and quick thinking.

Eddie: During my experience on the vertical challenge I conquered my fear of heights when I reached the top of the wall.

Alex: I have absolutely loved my first day because I have faced my fear of being in a small place in the dark and my fear of heights. I have loved the teamwork.

Fraser: I’ve learned to trust more people during the vertical challenge because if I fell it was down to the team to hold me up and the staff were really encouraging, helping me get to the top.

Ella W: Today on the vertical challenge, I conquered my fear of heights and it makes me want to do more challenges.

Oliver M: I enjoyed the climbing wall because for every step you took, everyone was supporting you to get as high as you could.

Daisy: So far, it has been an amazing experience for me because I‘ve learnt how to work as part of a team when you are out in the wild.

Libby the treetop trail course was very scary at first but I had my friends to support me all the way there.

Ella G: I was extremely nervous when I saw the high ropes on the treetop trail but I conquered some of my fears and got as far as the road.

Christian: I liked the way everyone was smiling and it helped to take away my fear and helped me on the climbing wall.

Lacy: When I heard about Owls and Mice, I was a bit scared because it was in the dark but when I was hiding my friends kept encouraging me and it really spurred me on.

Calum: I have thoroughly enjoyed myself so far, especially on the vertical challenge; I have also learned to trust my team mates and learned more about them.

Choe U: I found the climbing wall exhilarating because I reached the black line which was my third target and also as everyone cheered me on.

Rebecca: So far it has been a great experience, especially learning how to help each other abseil by belaying.

Oscar: I enjoyed the climbing wall because all of the team encouragement helped me to get to the top of the wall.

Jayden: I love Hilltop because there are so many surprises ahead.

Charlie B: I enjoyed archery because I hadn’t done much before and I managed to hit the target.

Emmelia: I loved the climbing wall because you had to trust your team mates to tell you where to put your feet and I got higher than I expected.

Olivia: I really enjoyed the tree top trail because my friends were there at the end to support me and help me finish it.

Will G: I loved the climbing wall because when I got to the top everyone was cheering me on.

Alfie: It was a great experience, even though it was a challenge, because people were encouraging me to go higher and higher on the tree top trail.

Connor FL: I was astonished that on the vertical challenge I was able to touch the tyres even though I’m afraid of heights.

Louisa: every now and then I was really frightened, especially on the vertical challenge but I kept on going because people were cheering me on.

Holly: I have learned today that I can conquer my fears because in Owls and Mice my friends were comforting me when I was scared of the dark and that cured my fear.

Bailey: I was thrilled after the tree top trail because I overcame my fear of heights.

Emma:  When I first arrived here I was extremely nervous, however I have achieved things I never thought I’d be able to do.

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