Hilltop 2017 Day Two

Written by  on Thursday, 14 December 2017.

We woke up to snow and clear blue skies this morning. Fortunately, the sun came out so it wasn’t too cold – about 7o and anyway, we were too excited

about the day’s activities to worry about the temperature. After a hearty breakfast and layering up, we began our challenges. The theme of the day was team work and we now know each other really well and have learned lots of strategies to support each other.

Nicholas: When I had my first glimpse of the vertical challenge, I was terrified but I wanted to get to the top so I persevered and in the end I arrived at the top and successfully managed to get back down, too.

Sasha: When I first arrived, I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect and now I don’t want to leave.

Jess: I think that archery was great because I had never done it before and during the session I became a lot more confident.

Euan: When I first arrived here, I was feeling quite nervous about going up in the trees but as the activities went on I became more confident with being up high.

Isabella: I enjoyed the tree top trail because it started low and gradually got higher. I set my challenge to get to the end of the low section and I got there!

Oliver P: When I was at the bottom of the vertical challenge, I felt extremely scared but when I reached my target I felt happy and excited.

Sara: Having come to hilltop has really boosted my confidence because I have done things I would never have dreamt of doing.

Ethan P: After the vertical challenge, I felt proud of myself for surpassing my goal and helping Ollie reach his target.

Yumna: During my experience in Hilltop I have been able to reach limits I didn’t know I could achieve and conquer my fear of heights.

Alistair: When I was doing the climbing wall, I was really scared to get to the top and when I was half way I didn’t think I could do it but I kept going because people cheered me on and I got to the top.

Rebecca: When I started climbing, I realised it was challenge by choice and you could come down whenever you wanted to.

Ethan S: Now at Hilltop, I feel more confident with heights. When I was on the big zipper I felt scared at first but now I’m really confident.

Chloe U: When I first came to Hilltop, I didn’t’ have that much confidence but now I have gained friendship and moral support and I feel much stronger.

Zach: When I first arrived at the big zipper, I was scared at what I could see but on my second go I wasn’t scared at all.

Chloe H: It was the best day of my life. We were so impressed with the way Chloe persevered and threw herself into all the challenges with a big smile on her face.

Tommy: I’m really proud of my archery score. We were so proud of Tommy when he managed to reach his target on the climbing wall even when he didn’t think he could do it but with our encouragement he made it.

McKenna: My favourite activity was archery because I kept missing every time on my first go but when we started popping balloons, I popped the first one.

William E: The big zipper was really enjoyable because it was a bit scary on the first step but once I started going it was exhilarating. I even did the Angel drop!

Ella G: My favourite activity was archery because it helped me build my confidence on shooting and hitting the target.

Victor: I was terrified when I thought about going on the big zipper but actually it wasn’t that bad and it got rid of my fear of heights.

Gerogria: Doing the climbing wall taught me to trust my peers and helped me build new friendships.

Temi: I have experienced new challenges when I came to hilltop and I have gone past my limits.

Lacy: When I first started my Hilltop adventure, I was very nervous but when I started doing the activities I began to feel more confident.

Dylan: When I went on the tree top trail, I liked it because it got harder and harder. On my first go I went on the lower option because I didn’t think I could go higher but on my second go I did the top one and I am really proud of myself.

Louisa: Even though I didn’t like the big zipper, I’m glad I tried it so I could discover what it was like.

Ethan G: I enjoyed the vertical challenge because I reached my goal.

Keeleigh: When I first arrived at Hilltop,  I was really nervous because of the heights but when I did it, it wasn’t that bad.

Rowan: When I arrived here, I was extremely scared however I have conquered my fears and had a great birthday.

Holly S: I have learned that on the big zipper it’s better to get it over and done with than standing at the top worrying about what’s going to happen.

Tate: I enjoyed the climbing wall because I did the hardest level and got to the blue line.

Ruby: On the big zipper, at the top, I was really upset because it felt so high but when I went down it, I felt much better and on my second go I went down clipped behind!

Tristan: I enjoyed the tree top trail because it was fun and I got more confident on the second round.

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