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Written by  on Friday, 20 October 2017.

We love Mud! or … how year 6 walked round Cambourne and found out loads of stuff! On Thursday 28th September, year 6 went on a muddy expedition to be archaeologists, practise our compass work and find out about the drainage systems around Cambourne.

First of all, half of us went to the top of Crow Hill and checked the direction of various landmarks – did you know that the Cambourne Business Park is due north (that means directly north) from Crow Hill? We didn’t know that … but now we do! We enjoyed this activity and know that it will be very useful when walking (if you use a compass with a map, you shouldn’t get too lost). 

Next we went to Cambourne Village College to be archaeologists and got extremely muddy because the mud in the dig-pits was very sticky. We all grew 4 centimetres with the amount of mud we were carrying around on our shoes! The experts from CVC helped us to identify our finds which included bones (mostly of animals which had been eaten), pottery (we found lots of edges of pots with faded patterns on them), and a huge stone which Louisa thought might be a brick from a Roman toilet (although she has absolutely no proof of any of this apart from it smelling really, really bad).

We ate our packed lunch at the church after taking our muddy shoes off and leaving them neatly (obviously) at the front door.

We had a good rest before starting our afternoon activity which was learning about the Cambourne Sustainable Drainage System. The pavements in this system are not solid because that causes flooding. The concrete of the pavements had patterned gaps with moss growing in them which allows the water to soak through the gaps and be collected. This water then flows through to the drainage ditches which take the water to the lakes. If the lakes are full, the water is piped to another lake – this is why no-one is allowed to swim in the lakes because the current may pull you under.

On our way back to school, we saw a geo-cache under a bridge which some of us went back to look at later …

We had an enjoyable  day … and we all slept really well last night!

By Louisa, Rebecca, Amelia, Ruby and Isabella

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