Spring in Year 2

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Animals and their habitats

This term, Year 2 has been learning about wildlife, their habitats and their eating habits. We have become very knowledgeable about macro- and micro- habitats, food chains, carnivores, omnivores and herbivores, predators and prey. We have used this knowledge in English to create information reports all about nocturnal animals. We wrote them up as booklets and used skills learnt in computing to design, print and save the front cover.

To round off the term we had a fantastic visit to Wicken Fen. By far the most popular activity was pond dipping. We found huge Diving Beetles, Greater and Lesser Water Boatmen (do you know how to tell them apart? Hopefully, Year 2 will now be able to tell you!) and even a Great Crested Newt. We also had fun modelling animals from different habitats in clay and natural items and spotting a variety of birds (and a large rat), using binoculars, in the hide.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare ‘s birth date was never recorded, but his baptism was; he died 400 years ago this year; he invented thousands of new words, lots of which we still use today; he wrote many plays and poems, that were performed at the Globe Theatre, London. These are some of the facts we researched about William Shakespeare and his life. We enjoyed insulting and complimenting each other using Shakespearean language - would you rather be a hedge pig or a wafer cake?! And we compared modern day theatre to theatre in Shakespeare’s time. A BIG thank you to The Vine’s resident Shakespeare expert, Mrs Dive, for bringing Shakespearean theatre alive for us. Next half term we will be learning some of Shakespeare’s plays and poems too.

Elsewhere we have rocked to Queen and Status Quo; become champion hoop tennis players; understood Jesus is a teacher, listened to, acted out and watched some of His parables; and know how to identify and be safe around drugs and chemicals.

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