Year 2 Christmas Performance 2016

Written by  on Tuesday, 20 December 2016.

In the second half of the autumn term Year 2’s English focus was recounts. We explored newspaper articles and wrote, as eyewitnesses, about how the Great Fire of London started. We stepped into the shoes of Samuel Pepys and wrote a diary entry about our day. Now we have written an article about our Christmas Performance "Babushka".

On Monday and Tuesday the 12th and 13th of December 2016 Year 2 performed our Christmas play. It was called ‘Babushka’. We had practised for weeks and finally the day arrived. We were very excited. At the beginning of the play Babushka had an empty heart, but at the end her heart was full because she made everybody happy with her gifts. She found peace with Jesus.

First we put on our amazing costumes. We had Russian dancers and lots of sheep and cows. We walked into the hall and got in our positions. The stage was big!! It was like a theatre. It was filled with mums and dads. We remembered all our words and used big voices. Our singing was beautiful!

It was good being Babushka because I got to sweep with the brush and say lots of lines.  Aishani

It was fun because I liked walking around as the fly.  Charlie

It was good in the last song when we got to surround the audience.  Rocky

I enjoyed doing the fast Russian dance.  Anya

Making the audience laugh when I said "Oh she is bossier than my mum!", was great.  Matthew

My mum said it was good, she really liked the dancing.  Oliver

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