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The Vine School Summer Fete 2014

Written by  on Wednesday, 16 July 2014.

On Friday, the day started out wet but the clouds cleared and the sun shone down on the 9th Annual Vine Volunteers Summer Fete.  People from all over Cambourne turned up to join in and have a FANTASTIC time.  As always this massive event could not be achieved without everyone’s help.  The biggest thank you goes out to all who gave up their time to help either during the day setting up, helping on a stall or clearing up afterwards.  We realise that your time is important and by giving it to us you make this special event possible.  Also, thank you to everyone who donated something, from a surprise bag to a bottle of wine, a can of fizzy drink for the hoopla to a Mini for the weekend for the Grand Raffle, it all goes to make the fete amazing and raise money for the school.  Also, a special thank you goes to all the teachers and staff who gave up their Friday night to join in and help out.

This year, we were very fortunate to have Café 19 support us and help us refresh everyone – thank you very much to everyone from Café 19.  Another big thank you to the great band who came to entertain us “Chickens Can’t!”.

Due to all the hard work and enjoyment of our Vine family and Community we have raised £4965.42 to spend on our school and children!

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